At Actemium Canada, we pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Our Custom Panel Design & Manufacturing service offers panels designed and built to our clients’ exact specifications, suitable for a wide variety of applications across numerous industries. Our unparalleled flexibility and manufacturing capability allow us to serve any industry, ensuring a seamless fit with your operations.

Why Custom Panel Design & Manufacturing?

Custom Panel Design & Manufacturing allows clients to have control panels tailored to their specific requirements and applications. This level of customization ensures seamless integration with existing systems and improved overall performance. Furthermore, Actemium Canada’s expertise in panel design and manufacturing guarantees a solution that is both durable and reliable, reducing maintenance costs and the risk of downtime. By opting for custom solutions, clients can be confident in the compatibility and effectiveness of their control panels.

Project Lifecycle Services

Every project is unique, from a simple pump controller to complex automation systems, our custom panel design and fabrication services can meet any project requirement.  We are experienced in supplying panels for many industries including food & beverage, water wastewater, pharmaceutical, and more.  With our experience we can offer a wide range of control panel types:

Function – PLC Panels, HMI Panels, VFD & Soft Starter Control Panels, Remote IO Cabinets, Motor Control Systems, Intrinsically Safe Panels, Classified Area Div 1/2 Panels, OEM Packaged Control Panels, Chemical Dosing and Control Assemblies, Server Rack Panels

Material – Painted mild steel, stainless steel, plastic, fiberglass

Certification – We are a CSA and UL certified Panel Shop.  In addition, we can offer ESA & TUV certification.

From start to finish we can provide services required for any stage of a project.

  • Design – our electrical design team will design a control panel solution based on your specifications and details.  Our schematics are done using AutoCAD Electrical, building the design from concept to retrofitting into existing drawings.
  • Fabrication – our 20,000 square foot facility has capacity for any sized project, ranging from a custom 1-off panel to a mass production order, we have the space to handle your job.
  • Testing and Quality Control – Panels can be put through a series of QA inspections, testing, complete with a fully documented package.  We can offer an in-house (or remote) customer-specific Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for all your panels.

Let’s improve your industrial performance.