Bulk Portable Water Dispensing Management System

The new BWDS-2-11 has all the great features of the original design plus more added functional features.

Benefits to Municipality

Municipalities today need to accurately record the volume of water delivered to individual, industrial and commercial customers plus the “Commercial Water Haller”.

Through a Management System linked to the Bulk Potable Water Dispensing System, vendors are able to:

  • Provide secure and accurate user authentication and transaction billing
  • Monitor transaction information, i.e., water flow rate, volume dispensed and card balance in real time
  • Monitor system operation status and alarms
  • Manage new and existing cardholders

 Benefits to Water Haller

Through a kiosk with smart card reader transaction capability, the Bulk Potable Water Dispensing System can be installed in easily accessible locations. Cardholders are able to use the kiosk and smart cards (optional pre-paid or non-prepaid), which provides the following benefits:

  • Cardholders have convenient access to high quality potable water (24/7).
  • The system is equipped with easy to use, user-friendly kiosk.
  • The kiosk provides vital transaction information, i.e. Current Volume, Pre-amount and balance, Price per volume and Date/time.


The flowmeter is located in the pipeline for ultimate performance in the dispensing of water.  After each transaction, the Dispensing System’s controller records and logs transaction information including Card ID, volume of water dispensed and balance (prepaid option only) of the card with the date and time stamp information in SD memory card. The logged information serves as historical data and can be accessed anytime for billing purposes.


The Bulk Potable Water Dispensing System is PLC-based and both Internet and SCADA ready, allowing vendors to select the following options:

  • SCADA interface for monitoring real time system activities and alarms locally or remotely
  • Web-based server integrated with the Bulk Potable Management System for downloading historical data reports


The Bulk Potable Water Dispensing System is equipped with a backflow preventer installed downstream of the dispensing valve to safeguard any reverse flow that might cause contamination of the water system. A solenoid valve downstream of the backflow preventer opens after each dispensing operation to drain any water trapped inside the exterior line to prevent freezing.


Actemium NA systems are designed, constructed and tested to meet the highest industry standards of quality and performance. In-depth knowledge of water and wastewater processes and extensive experience with instrumentation and SCADA systems have continuously allowed us to provide high quality goods and services to the Canadian Industrial and Municipal markets for over 43 years.