We have a long history of working with the top tire manufacturers in North America.  For more than 20 years, we have designed components for and implemented system in all areas of the process to support our clients.  These systems include:

  • Natural rubber infeed system
  • Rubber mixing and milling systems
  • Rubber extrusion and calendaring systems
  • Wire draw machines / systems
  • Wire creel systems
  • Wire and rubber complexing systems
  • Cutter systems for wire and textile complexed rubber
  • Tire building machines / systems
  • Before cure material handling systems
  • Before cure tire storage / accumulation / retrieval systems
  • Curing press systems (steam and electrical)
  • After cure material handling systems
  • After cure tire grinding machines
  • Tire inspection and validation systems
  • After cure tire storage systems
  • Operator safety systems for various machines

Transportation Services

Actemium offers a variety of automation services within the transportation industry:

  • Process Control Design
  • Automation Services
  • Designing Machinery Components
  • Produce Equipment Layout

Let’s improve your industrial performance.