At Actemium Canada, we understand the importance of maintaining your assets to keep operations running smoothly. Our Asset Care service gives our customers peace of mind so they can focus on their core business. It is a service designed to prevent failures and incidents while ensuring sustainable, safe, efficient, and reliable operation. By extending the lifetime of our clients’ assets, we help maximize their return on investment.

Why Asset Care?

Industries such as food & beverage, life sciences, energy, and manufacturing require a pragmatic approach to identifying potential issues before they become costly problems. Every stage of a company’s asset lifecycle must be considered, from planning and commissioning to daily use and end-of-life.


A properly implemented Asset Care program offers additional benefits:


  • Encourages the achievement of EH&S targets
    • Executing planned work is safer than breakdown/emergency repairs.
  • Provides gains in uptime and capacity (maximizing profits)
    • A well-maintained facility will have better running equipment and therefore increased productivity.
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership
    • Proactive maintenance and proper operation lead to efficiency gains which has a direct impact on total cost throughout the Asset Lifecycle.
  • Planned vs. Breakdown Maintenance
    • Breakdown repairs on average cost 7x more than planned work.

Asset Care Services

Let’s improve your industrial performance.