At Actemium Canada, we understand the importance of maintaining your assets to offer peace of mind and to keep operations running smoothly. Our Asset Care service let’s companies focus on their core business. It is a service designed to prevent failures and incidents while ensuring sustainable, safe, efficient, and reliable operation. By extending the lifetime of our clients’ assets, we help maximize their return on investment.

Why Asset Care?

Industries such as food & beverage, life sciences, energy, and manufacturing require a proactive approach to identifying potential issues before they become costly problems. Every stage of a company’s asset lifecycle must be considered, from planning and implementation to daily use and end-of-life.

Project Lifecycle Services

Our asset care services include those required for any stage of a project.

Actemium provided our Municipal customers with a Maintenance Support Services Plan Contract Agreement to maintain an automated plant or facility operating efficiently and without interruption is the aim of every municipal water and wastewater operations; having an annual Maintenance Support Services Contract Agreement achieves that goal.

The proper and uninterrupted operation of the SCADA assets controlling and monitoring the plant processes is vital to the municipality’s delivery of essential water and wastewater services to its population and meeting of Ministry compliance regulations.

Municipal plants and facilities with in-house technical support staff are able to mitigate these failures and interruptions with timely emergency response.  However, for some municipalities keeping well-trained in-house technical support staff is not always possible due to budget constraints.

Actemium has setup a technical support program to offer ready support services for these municipalities. Actemium’s technical support team consists of service technicians, PLC programmers, and SCADA specialists that are assigned to be on standby to provide quick response and mobilization.

These support services are offered to our municipal clients in a yearly service contract.

Within our Maintenance Support Services Plan we provide the following:

  • Workshops
  • Refresher Training Sessions
  • Computer Hardware Maintenance
  • Disk Space Inspection
  • Image Inspections
  • SCADA Program Backup
  • PLC Program Backup
  • OIT Program Backup
  • UPS Asset Inspection
  • Demand Software Maintenance and System Support
  • Annual field instrument calibration


Let’s improve your industrial performance.