Remote OSIsoft PI System Monitoring

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Remote OSIsoft PI System Monitoring

Converging OT and IT? OSIsoft PI System™ monitoring ensures optimal system integrity & performance.


From the convergence of IT and OT to advanced IIoT, Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing initiatives, technology on the plant floor is changing. Upgrading, integrating and maintaining systems is more complicated than ever before and in-house resources are often limited.



Comprehensive OSIsoft PI System™ monitoring and support from Actemium will maximize system integrity and confidence of your operations team.

Connected operations, IIoT and the OT/IT convergence entails complex and often deeply integrated systems. After the initial installation, it is crucial to maintain integrity of operational applications and the health of your OSIsoft PI System™ to ensure data reliability and confidence of operations.

Remote monitoring and OSIsoft PI system™ support from Actemium provides operations with comprehensive monitoring and support through to data insight. Augment your Engineering and IT departments with a support process that is backed by a solid understanding of data flow from the field device to the archive and onto visualizations and business analytics.

The service can be project or time based, but will always leverage qualified, OSIsoft-trained personnel for rapid problem solving and recommendations to maximize reliability of your OSIsoft PI System™ and related applications.

In addition to regular maintenance of your systems, peace of mind is one of the added benefits when you bring on a support team that has experience with best-in-class technologies. The service offers 24/7 support, 1-800 on-call service and response time within four hours.



  • Engineering and operational technology expertise in a wide variety of system integrations.
  • 24/7 support, including 1-800 on-call service and response time within four hours maximum.
  • Onsite support and remote service.
  • OSIsoft Systems Integrator Partner.

Actemium provides support solutions for nearly eighty clients each year in a wide variety of industries from mining to advanced manufacturing.



An OSIsoft PI System Integrator Partner with expertise in the energy sector, Actemium has extensive experience in the OSIsoft PI System and related applications

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