PLC-5 to Control Logix Conversion

PLC-5 discontinued. What now? Mitigate risk of unknown maintenance downtime with a migration plan to seamlessly convert existing systems.


PLC-5s and related parts are no longer available, except for expensive refurbished models. Facilities are at risk of maintenance downtime and have questions like: What is the risk? What is the cost? How much at once?



A risk mitigation plan for PLC-5 conversion will analyze areas of risk against cost and availability of replacement parts. The conversion can occur in phases or plant-wide, with pre-engineering to lessen conversion downtime from hours to minutes.

Operations management is struggling to maintain PLC-5 systems with expensive parts and weighing the cost to convert against risk of unknown time or failure and related maintenance downtime.

With over thirty successful control system conversions to the Control Logix Platform, Actemium can relieve the struggles associated with the discontinuation of PLC-5s and help leverage rebate programs.

An initial analysis will identify risks for each PLC-5 and detail the existing system to identify non-standard components that might affect a migration. The plan will address steps to mitigate that risk.

Integration can roll-out in phases using the existing infrastructure, or complete a future-proof network upgrade. Actemium will work with your team to find the right balance of investment against cost of downtime and requirements for new integrations such as MES, IIoT visualization, HMI upgrades, etc.

With the correct pre-engineering, each machine center can be converted using a conversion kit with minimal downtime that takes minutes not hours.

Actemium can relieve the struggles associated with the discontinuation of PLC-5s, and help leverage rebate programs.



  • Eliminate unpredictable PLC-5 failure and maintenance downtimes.
  • End-to-end service from analysis to commissioning and post-project support.
  • Shorten conversion downtime from hours to minutes.
  • Leverage manufacturer rebates.
  • Feature-rich upgrade to increase connectivity, speed and access to advanced functions/instruction sets.