Power System Modelling & Predictive Simulation

Want to improve your operational effectiveness? ETAP electrical engineering software uses advanced analytics to identify problem areas.


Multiple components from multiple suppliers in high volume or specialized production can require many steps to produce a finished product. Even one point of failure in any component or step can create costly re-works or worse, recall or catastrophic failure.



Computer modelling by Actemium with their ETAP electrical engineering software increases operational effectiveness.

Modern industrial process and manufacturing facilities are heavily dependent on electrical distribution networks to respond to increasing demands for production efficiency and reliability. The truth is, the majority of these distribution networks have grown without the benefit of ever having a complete design review and are routinely comprised of both modern and legacy component equipped segments.

Today, the complexity of these networks necessitates the use of advanced analytical tools to identify problems before they become disruptive events which affects continuous operations. Although some larger industries have invested extensively in electrical engineering software and training, smaller operations have had a difficult time justifying the required level of expense.

With Actemium’s use of ETAP software, now we can quickly and easily create, configure, customize and manage system models. We can build 3-phase and 1-phase AC and DC network one-line diagrams with unlimited buses and elements including detailed instrumentation and grounding components.

We have modules that provide a powerful set of analytical tools, allowing for simulation, prediction, design and planning of a system for nearly any network configuration or industry sector.

Actemium first identifies critical issues including past failures, gaining an understanding of the existing process and quality control systems.



  • Now more affordable for smaller companies to commit.
  • Identifies problem areas before they become disruptive events.
  • Actemium will have any and all updates that may develop with the software.
  • Operate more efficiently and safely.
  • Create, configure, customize and manage system models.
  • Operate more efficiently and safely with ETAP software.