Actemium knows what brewers need. Meridian BrewSight reports provide brewers with web-based brew reports that can be accessed from any device, anywhere. It uses exception-based reporting via email, meaning that if there are process deviations, users are informed immediately.



Craft Brewery Automation Solutions

Meridian BrewSight provides:

  • Monitoring of brewery from a desktop computer or mobile device
  • Access to batch reports for any past batch or batch-in-progress
  • Reporting system that detects deviations, highlights them in the report, and then sends an email with the deviation details
  • Control of the brewhouse

Many brew houses run on paper or manual-input systems, which can lead to delays in response when problems occur. The consequences of a delay often include wasted time and materials, contributing to the possibility of a market shortage. The Meridian BrewSoft reporting module provides brewers enhanced visualization of their process, right at their fingertips.

The web interface allows brewers to be always in control, from anywhere, through their mobile device or desktop computer. The exception-based reporting system sends email alerts directly when a process deviation occurs so that the brewer is always informed and can take appropriate action. The reporting module is built specifically for brewers; the detailed analytical reports provide the information required to make informed, timely decisions.

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