Designed for Brewers

FactoryTalk Brew provides the tools to make brewing processes simpler, more efficient, more profitable, and easier to manage. Built with the intent of putting the brewer in control, FactoryTalk Brew’s software interfaces were designed to allow brewers to easily perform the tasks that put them in the driver’s seat.



Features of FactoryTalk Brew include:

  • Controller based run-time program (no loss of production on loss of server)
  • Web-based configuration that allows brewers to create and edit their own recipes
  • Utilizes FactoryTalk Brew SE HMI software (no proprietary HMI)
  • Standard Rockwell Automation PlantPAx® equipment modules and faceplates
  • Web browser editing of sequence
  • Standard reporting including trends
  • Advanced reporting with e-mail alerts, deviation alarms and advanced brewing trends
  • High-performance graphics with smart alerts and prompting

FactoryTalk Brew in Action

Actemium Toronto’s FactoryTalk Brew installation at Okanagan Springs brewery in Vernon, British Columbia was able to increase production from 8 brews per day to 12 brews per day – a 50% increase achieved without additional production equipment!

Convenient Support

FactoryTalk Brew provides a solution that is globally deployable, locally supportable. It is built using Rockwell Automation’s standard modules for PlantPAx, resulting in an extremely dependable and supportable solution. Additional support required can be provided by a local Rockwell Automation System Integrator or Partner – no inconvenient and costly long-distance support.

The essence of FactoryTalk Brew is its simplicity and its accessibility. Contact Actemium to arrange a demo of this leading-edge brewing software.